Dictionary of Welsh Biography

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PRICE , JOHN ( 1830 - 1906 ), principal of the Normal College, Bangor , from 1891 to 1905 ;

b. at Oswestry , 9 March 1830 , son of the Rev. Edward Price (q.v.) . He attended schools first in Birmingham and then in Montgomeryshire before going to Bala College under Lewis Edwards in 1848 . After being there for four years he went to the Borough Road training college , London , for the year 1852-3 , and here he was an exceptionally successful student. There followed two years as a schoolmaster at Llanfyllin , after which he went in 1855 to open the British School at Bala. His ability brought him to the notice of Sir Hugh Owen and he was invited to assist the Rev. John Phillips (q.v.) in the new training college at Bangor ; here, he started work when the college was opened in 1858 . In 1863 , when Phillips was appointed principal of the college , he became deputy principal , an appointment which he continued to hold under the Rev. Daniel Rowlands (q.v.) from 1867 to 1891 , when he himself was made principal . In the first phase a substantial portion of the work of the college fell on Price 's shoulders and it was during that period that his most important services were rendered. During that time the college on several occasions won a high reputation among the training colleges of the kingdom. The deputy principal had not been given the highest standard of education but he was a man of undoubted ability, had complete command of the English and Welsh languages, and was a highly competent teacher . He taught various subjects, but his outstanding success was not in those, such as English and history, with which he was well acquainted, but in a subject which was new to him — botany . It is true that his knowledge of botany was sketchy, but so great was his new-born enthusiasm that he succeeded in passing on the infection to his students, some of whom became imbued with the spirit of research. John Price was a leader in the religious life of Bangor , and was also for thirty years chairman of the school board . He was, moreover, a prominent member of the city council , and had great influence in the councils and on the platform of the Liberal party at a time when the relations between the Liberal and Tory parties were very strained. He stoutly maintained his views in many fierce debates and against all opposition. But the stormy period of his public life came to an end when he accepted greater responsibilities in the college and was appointed principal , chiefly because of his long service and all that he had done for education and religion in the district. He d. 6 Nov. 1906 .


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Thomas Roberts, M.A., (1885-1960) Bangor

Published date: 1959