Dictionary of Welsh Biography

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PRICE , RHYS ( 1807 - 1869 ), Congregational minister ;

b. 27 Feb. 1807 in Penrhiw-llwyn-fynwent , Llangamarch , Brecknock , of a family that was prominent in religious circles, and which moved to Llanwrtyd when Price was quite young. He received only three days of schooling. A weaver by trade, he devoted his leisure to reading and became a model of a self-taught man. He possessed much natural ability but he was considered remarkable by reason of his constant avoiding of publicity. He began to preach in Llanwrtyd and his fame in the matter of praying and preaching soon spread. He refused a call from Merthyr Tydfil because he disliked industrial districts. Ordained at Cwmllynfell , 19 and 20 Aug. 1835 , he soon made the forming of prayer meetings and Sunday schools in private houses a feature of his ministry. He took (partial) charge of Baran church and formed branches at Rhyd-y-fro , Gwter Fawr ( Brynaman ), and Upper Cwm-twrch . As a preacher he had a rapid and easy-flowing delivery, with a style all his own. He refused to go to assemblies, preferring the company of nature and his books. He was considered an authority on medical matters and his Llysieu-lyfr Teuluaidd , 1840 , was for long considered a standard work. He also wrote a number of poems of a didactic and revivalistic nature. He d. 6 July 1869 .


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Reverend John Dyfnallt Owen, M.A., (1873-1956), Aberystwyth

Published date: 1959