Dictionary of Welsh Biography

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RHISIERDYN , a Gwynedd poet of the latter half of the 14th cent.

His canon has not been fixed, and there are textual confusions. In the B.B.C.S. , vol. i, part 2, 123-33, Dr. Henry Lewis published a study of the poems attributed to him in the R. B. H. Poetry and in the Myv. Arch. Rhisierdyn sang panegyric awdlau to Gronwy (Fychan) ap Tudur (d. 1382 ; see under Ednyfed Fychan ) and to Myfanwy his wife, and an elegiac awdl to Sir Hywel y Fwyall (q.v.) . The awdl to the abbot of Aberconwy which the Myv. Arch. attributes to Casnodyn is given in N.L.W. MS. 4973C 260b to Rhisierdyn , and Pen. MS. 118 (140) attributes to Rhisierdyn the pious ode ‘ y Duw uchaf y Kyfarchaf … ’ which is ascribed in R. B. H. Poetry (col. 1251) to Bleddyn Ddu . Many manuscripts (e.g. Bodl. 1 and 2 , Pen. 90 and 100 ) include a panegyric cywydd to Hwlcyn ap Howel ap Ierwerth Ddu of Presaddfed , Anglesey (‘ Cad ddirwy keidw ddwyrodd ’), which they attribute to Rhisierdyn . A pilgrimage by Hwlcyn to Jerusalem is mentioned in this poem.


David Myrddin Lloyd, M.A., (1909-81), Aberystwyth / Scotland

Published date: 1959