Dictionary of Welsh Biography

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RHUN ap MAELGWN GWYNEDD ( fl. 550 ) .

Rhun , the son of Maelgwn Gwynedd (q.v.) , succeeded his father as ruler of north-west Wales . If we can trust the story in the Venedotian version of the Welsh Laws, only one historical episode is connected with him. When Clydno Eiddin and Rhydderch Hael returned to the north after despoiling Arfon in revenge for the death of Elidyr , Rhun is said to have retaliated by leading an army as far as the river Forth . Nowhere is there any mention of struggles with the English . By tradition Rhun was tall (cf. ‘ Rhun Hir ’) and huge of frame, occupying a predominant position among other native rulers (cf. the reference in ‘ The Dream of Rhonabwy ’). His son BELI succeeded him.


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Professor William Hopkin Davies, M.A., Aberystwyth

Published date: 1959