Dictionary of Welsh Biography

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RHYS FARDD ( Y Bardd Bach , or Bardd Cwsg ) ( fl. c. 1460-1480 ), a vaticinatory poet ,

of Ystum Llwynarth in Gower ( Pen. MS. 94 (175) ; Llanst. MS. 119 (121) ). Many vaticinations attributed to him appear to deal with events relating to the Tudor ascendancy, but others seem to belong to an earlier period. His work is characterized by a longing for the traditional deliverer, Owain , and a bitter hatred of the English . A poem describing the battle of Cyminod , when a great slaughter of the English was anticipated, tells that the bloodshed would be so great that the mills would grind with streams of blood. One of his vaticinations possibly reflects the influence of Joachim 's ‘ Everlasting Gospel .’ He is credited with about ninety vaticinations.


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Professor David James Bowen, M.A., Aberystwyth

Published date: 1959