Dictionary of Welsh Biography

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RICHARD , EDWARD ( 1714 - 1777 ), schoolmaster, scholar, and poet .

Born at Ystradmeurig, Cards. , March 1714 , son of Tomos Richard , tailor and inn-keeper , and Gwenllian (‘ Auntie Gwen ’ as she was commonly called), his wife. Edward was taught Latin and Greek by his brother, Abraham ; then went to the Queen Elizabeth grammar school , Carmarthen , and afterwards to Pontygido to a clergyman of the name of Pugh who was a distinguished Greek scholar . About 1735 or 1736 he returned to Ystradmeurig , where he opened a school which became famous, turning out a number of pupils who subsequently played an important part in many spheres. He d. 4 March 1777 .

Edward Richard showed his first pastoral to Ieuan Brydydd Hir , Lewis Morris , and Richard Morris , and it was first published in the 1767 Almanac of Gwilym Howel . In 1776 there was published in Shrewsbury , by J. Eddowes , Bugeilgerdd, Yr Ail yn y Iaith Gymraeg gan Edward Richard. Awdur y Guntaf . Bound up with this in a copy in the National Library is a manuscript copy (though not in the author's handwriting) of the ‘first’ pastoral; Ieuan Brydydd Hir 's translation of this pastoral into English will be found in Panton MS. 2 (193-200) . Morris Williams ( Nicander ) , in his edition of Gwaith Dafydd Ionawr , has attributed one of Edward Richard 's englynion to Dafydd Ionawr . Edward Richard is the author of the englyn which Saunders Lewis has printed in his book, A School of Welsh Augustans , and N.L.W. MS. 5487 , ‘ Diaries of the Rev. Timothy Davies ’ (son of David Davis , Castellhywel ) proves that this is so. See the two englynion in Blodeugerdd o'r Ddeunawfed Ganrif , 35. Edward Richard 's works were printed in 1803 , 1811 , 1813 , 1851 , 1856 , and ‘ Cyfres y Fil ,’ 1912 ; and several of his letters appear in Additional Morris Letters .


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David Gwenallt Jones, M.A., (1899-1968), Aberystwyth

Published date: 1959