Dictionary of Welsh Biography

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ROBIN DDU ( fl. c. 1450 ), poet , also referred to as ‘ Robin Ddu ap Siencyn Bledrydd of Anglesey .’

About ninety of his compositions are preserved in manuscript, many of them being vaticinatory. In one of these he converses with his book of prophecies, a type of vaticination also attributed to Meredudd ap Rhys (q.v.) and Llywelyn ap Cynfrig Ddu (q.v.) . He was an adherent of the Tudors during the Wars of the Roses , and wrote an elegy on the death of Owain Tudor (q.v.) . Among the more notable of his poems are his elegy on the death of the seven children of Gruffudd ap Rhys ap Maredudd of Gloddaeth , and his poem addressed to the ship that took him on pilgrimage to Rome in 1450 . An elegy on his death was composed by Ifan Môn , one of his disciples.


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Professor David James Bowen, M.A., Aberystwyth

Published date: 1959