Dictionary of Welsh Biography

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ROGER ‘of CONWAY’ (d. 1360 ), Franciscan friar ;

apparently a native of Conway . His name appears in the Latin records as Rogerius de Conveney , R. Conewey Cambrensis , and R. de Chonnoe . The last is also the form of his name in the printed edition of his only extant work. He studied at Oxford , where he became D.D. He was brought up in the ‘custody’ of Winchester , but a diploma of Pope Innocent VI in 1355 granted him permission to live in the ‘custody’ of London . He is memorable in Franciscan history as the author of a tract entitled, in its printed versions, Defensio mendicantium , in answer to the tract Defensis curatorum by Richard FitzRalph , archbishop of Armagh . Roger probably wrote his tract in 1357 , that is, two years after settling in London , and at a time when there was growing opposition to the Franciscan practice of poverty and mendicancy. The tract was first printed at Lyon in 1494 ; it was reprinted in Paris , 1511 , and is to be found also in M. Goldast 's Monarchia Sancti Romani Imperii , iii.


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John James Jones, M.A., (1892-1957), Aberystwyth

Published date: 1959