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VAUGHAN family, Pant Glas ( Ysbyty Ifan

the mansion disappeared a long time ago but the ‘chapel of Pant Glas ’ in the parish church retains its name). The family belongs to the same stock as those of Plas Iolyn , Voelas , Cernioge , and Rhiwlas ; the genealogy is to be found in J. E. Griffith , Pedigrees , 44, where, however, it is incomplete and incorrect. THOMAS VAUGHAN ( I ) was the grandson of Rhys ap Meredydd of Ysbyty Ifan , and was the younger son of Robert ap Rhys ; in his will ( 1534 ), Robert ap Rhys left his Dol-gynwal lands to ‘ Thomas Vichan ap Robert ap Rice .’ This Thomas Vaughan was twice married, and the following line is descended from his second marriage, with Catherine Conway of Bryn Euryn , whose will was proved in 1588 ; as William Llyn (q.v.) (d. 1580 ) wrote an elegy on him, he too must have d. before 1580 . His heir was THOMAS VAUGHAN ( II ) , who is mentioned in cywyddau written by his friend Thomas Prys (q.v.) of Plas Iolyn ; he is said to have d. in 1654 , but this is very doubtful, for a will proved in 1640 suggests that he was already dead. He was succeeded by his eldest son, JOHN VAUGHAN , who was alive in 1640 ; he, too, is said to have d. in 1654 but, again, this is very doubtful, for he is referred to in a document dating from about 1636 as an ‘old man’ (additionally, it is stated that the estate is worth £400 a year), and according to the pedigree in ‘ Llyfr Silin ’ he was survived by his son Henry ; his widow Joan ( Townshend , of Shropshire ) d. at Pant Glas at the end of 1663 or beginning of 1664 , at the age of 74. John Vaughan was succeeded by HENRY VAUGHAN ( I ) who is, almost unanimously, stated to have been killed in the Civil War in the assault on Hopton castle , Shropshire , in the month of Feb. 1644 ; but the author of The Garrisons of Shropshire , 1642-8 , claims that the ‘ Captain Vaughan ’ slain at Hopton was one of the unrelated Vaughans of Shropshire . At any rate, Henry Vaughan was ‘deceased’ before Feb. 1654/5 , when his eldest son became a member of Gray's Inn ; his widow, Margaret , daughter of Bonham Norton of Church Stretton (some of that family are in the D.N.B. ) d. 8 Dec. 1669 , at Glyn in Llandrillo-yn-Rhos , at the age of 91. They had four children — not five as stated by Griffith . (1) THOMAS VAUGHAN ( III ) ; little is known about him. He became a member of Gray's Inn in Feb. 1645/5 ; m. Lucy , daughter of chief justice Sir John Vaughan (q.v.) , of Trawsgoed, Cards. , and there are several references to him in the Gwydir papers ; but the dates of his birth and death are alike unknown — it should perhaps be explained that the Ysbyty Ifan parish registers before 1731 have disappeared. Neither his name nor those of his sons occur in a family will signed in July 1699 and proved the following year, but he was certainly alive in 1681 . He had two sons: JOHN (who was living in 1692 ) and THOMAS ( IV ) ; Thomas probably lived to inherit the estate, but by 1697 or 1698 he, too, was dead, for the head of the family in that year was (2) HENRY VAUGHAN ( II ) . There was a ‘ Henry Vaughan ’ who was churchwarden of the parish church at Llandrillo-yn-Rhos in 1677 , and as the widow of Henry Vaughan ( I ) d. at Glyn in that parish, it is reasonable to suppose that he also was living there about 1697 — he was sheriff in 1698 , when he was referred to as ‘ Henry Vaughan of Pant Glas ,’ and so he was called in the will ( 1699 ) referred to above, and in the Parochialia of Edward Lhuyd . The date of his death is not known. (3) KATHERINE VAUGHAN d. a spinster at Pant Glas shortly after 1700 , leaving money for the building of alms-houses for women at Ysbyty Ifan . (4) ANNE VAUGHAN (who was possibly the elder daughter) who married into the family of the Williamses of Marl (qq.v.) ; as her brothers and her sister d. without heirs the Pant Glas lands were absorbed into the Marl estate , and the remainder of the story will be found under that heading.

Another member of the family is deserving of mention, namely RICHARD VAUGHAN ( 1621 - 1700 ) — erroneously stated by Griffith to be a son of Henry Vaughan ( I ) , but it is by no means certain who he was. He fought in the Civil War , and was blinded . In July 1663 he was elected one of the ‘ Poor Knights of Windsor ,’ and d. 5 June 1700 , ‘in his eightieth year,’ in Windsor castle , where he was buried. He left money for the building of an alms-house for men at Ysbyty Ifan .


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  • later information from Prof. A. H. Dodd and Mr. Norman Tucker .


Emeritus Professor Robert Thomas Jenkins, C.B.E., D.Litt., Ll.D., F.S.A., (1881-1969), Bangor

Published date: 1959