Dictionary of Welsh Biography

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WILIAM EGWAD ( c. 1450 ), poet .

Nothing is known of his life, but he may have been connected with the parish of Llanegwad, Carms. ( Lloyd , Hist. Carms. , ii, 413). Pen. MS. 122 (119) also states that he was buried at Llanegwad-fawr . For his works in manuscript see Lewis and Jones , Mynegai , and Cat. of Additions to B.M. MSS., 1841-45 ; see also works in N.L.W. MSS., 4710, 5273, 6511, 13071, 13167 , and in Brogyntyn MS. 2 in N.L.W.


Griffith Milwyn Griffiths, M.A., Aberystwyth

Published date: 1959