Dictionary of Welsh Biography

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WILLIAMS , WILLIAM ( Gwilym ab Iorwerth ; 1800? - 1859 ), poet ;

b. at Esgair-gadwyth-fach , in the parish of Darowen, Mont. , c. 1800 . His father was a labourer and mole-catcher and he, too, followed the same occupations for a time. With the help of Pugh of Esgair ( Llanbryn-mair ), and the Rev. Thos. Richards and Miss Richards of Darowen , he learned a little Welsh , English , and arithmetic. He then went to Cardiganshire , where he married. Late in life he returned to Darowen and kept a school at Melinbyrhedyn . After this he was given the work of looking after the road at Carno and then at Clatter toll-gate , Pont-dol-goch . He then went to Llanidloes , then to Llawr-y-glyn to keep a day school , and finally to Ranc-y-mynydd , Dylife . He was buried at Dylife , 12 Feb. 1859 , at the age of 58. Letters which he wrote appeared from time to time in Y Gwyliedydd . He sent poetry for competition on a number of occasions and some of his awdlau — ‘ Diluw ,’ ‘ Plaau’r Aipht ,’ and ‘ Heddwch ’ — have been preserved in the original manuscripts.


  • R. Williams , Montgomeryshire Worthies (1894) .


Dr Enid Pierce Roberts, M.A., D.Litt., Bangor

Published date: 1959