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WYNN (afterwards NANNEY , etc.) family of Maesyneuadd , Llandecwyn, Mer.

This family, like others in western Merioneth , traced its descent from Osbwrn Wyddel (q.v.) , in this instance through Dafydd ap Ieuan ab Einion , constable of Harlech castle (q.v.) , and his wife, Margaret ( Puleston ) . THOMAS , the son of Dafydd and Margaret , m. Gwerfyl , daughter of HOWEL AP , of Bron-y-foel — see Ellis family of Bron-y-foel and Ystumllyn — and had a son, DAFYDD , who m. Lowry , daughter of Maurice Gethin , Voelas , Denbighshire — see Wynne family of Voelas . The heir of Dafydd and Lowry was HUMPHREY AP , who was, it may be noted incidentally, the uncle of Humphrey Davies , vicar of Darowen (q.v.) .

Humphrey ap Dafydd m. Annes , daughter of Eliza Morris (i.e. Ellis ap Maurice ), Clenennau — see Morris and Owen families of Clenennau — their heir being EDWARD AP , whose death in 1620 was mourned in cywyddau written by Siôn Phylip , Rhisiart Phylip , and Gruffydd Phylip (see Phylipiaid Ardudwy ); the last-named also wrote a cywydd moliant to ‘ Mastr Edward Humffre .’ It was by his first wife (of three) that he was the father of ROBERT AB , who by his wife, Elliw , daughter and heiress of Ifan ap Rhys Wynn , Hendre'r Mur , Maentwrog , had two daughters — (1) Elizabeth , who m. Robert , son of archdeacon Edmund Prys (q.v.) , and (2) MARGARET , the heiress of Maesyneuadd , who, by her husband, Griffith Lloyd , of Rhiwgoch , Merioneth , became the mother of another Maesyneuadd heiress, JANE LLOYD .

It is by the marriage of Jane Lloyd with MORRIS of Glyn (Cywarch) — see Wynn and Owen families of Glyn (Cywarch) , etc. — that the surname Wynn comes into the Maesyneuadd family, to continue in use thereafter for several generations. Morris Wynn , who had been sheriff of Merioneth in 1670 , d. on S. Bartholomew's Day, 1673 ; for extracts from an elegy upon him written by Phylip Siôn Phylip , another member of the Phylipiaid Ardudwy ’ family (q.v.) . Morris Wynn , who was the second son of William Wynn , Glyn (Cywarch) , is described as of Moel-y-glo , a house not far distant from Glyn (Cywarch) and Maesyneuadd . By his wife Jane Lloyd (above), the heiress of Maesyneuadd , he was the father of ROBERT WYNN (d. 1691 ), who became sheriff of Merioneth in 1679 , and who m. Jane ( Evans ) , of Tan-y-bwlch , Maentwrog — see Evans , Griffith , and Oakeley families, of Tan-y-bwlch . Robert and Jane Wynn were, in their turn, the parents of WILLIAM WYNN (d. 1720? ), who was sheriff of Merioneth in 1714 , and who married twice — (1) Margaret , daughter of Ellis Brynkir , the mother of his heir, ROBERT WYNN , who was sheriff of Merioneth in 1734 , and who had [an aunt,] Lowry , who became the first wife of Ellis Wynne (q.v.) , author of Gweledigaetheu y Bardd Cwsc , and (2) Margaret , daughter and coheiress of Roger Lloyd , Rhagad , near Corwen — it was this second Margaret who was the mother of William Wynn (q.v.) , rector of Llangynhafal, Denbs. , and an eminent poet .

Robert Wynn , the son of William Wynn and Margaret ( Brynkir ) , was sheriff of Merioneth in 1734 . He had a brother, Ellis Wynn (who matriculated, as of Jesus College , Oxford , 9 March 1714/5 , and who lived later at Congleton , Cheshire ), and a sister, Jane , who became the wife of the Rev. William Wynn , son of Ellis Wynne , author of Gweledigaetheu (as above — for this other William Wynn see the article on his father). Robert Wynn 's heir, WILLIAM WYNN (d. 4 April 1795 ), sheriff of Merioneth in 1758 , assumed the name of NANNEY — his mother was Lowry Nanney , [daughter of John Nanney ( III ) of Maes-y-pandy ]; his heir (by Elizabeth , daughter of John Williams , Tŷ Fry , Pentraeth , Anglesey ) was the Rev. JOHN NANNEY , who d. 21 March 1838 , leaving a son, JOHN NANNEY (d. 1868 ), of Maesyneuadd and Maes-y-pandy , who was sheriff of Caernarvonshire in 1858 . The Maesyneuadd line was continued through ROBERT VAUGHAN ( 1796 - 1876 ), son of this John Nanney 's sister, LOWRY NANNEY (d. 1803 ), and her husband, Thomas Vaughan (d. 1804 ), Burlton Hall , Shropshire . Robert Chambre Vaughan was succeeded by his grandson, THOMAS VAUGHAN (b. 1856 ).


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  • [Corrections by E. Gwynne Jones , from Maes-y-neuadd Manuscripts at the University College of North Wales in U.C.N.W. Library.]


Sir William Llewelyn Davies, M.A., LL.D., F.S.A. (1887-1952), Aberystwyth

Published date: 1959