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WYNN family, of Rûg , Merioneth , and Boduan (or Bodfean ), Caerns.

Some particulars concerning certain members of this family are given in the articles on Bodvel family, Bodvel, Caerns. , Glynn family, Glynllifon, Caerns. , and Nannau ( Nanney ) family, Mer . In the Nannau family article it is shown how EDWARD VAUGHAN (d. 1807 ) , son of Sir Robert Howell Vaughan ( 1st baronet , of Nannau ; d. 1796 ), succeeded to the Rûg property under a will of 1780 ; it remained in Vaughan hands until the death, in 1859 , of Sir Robert Williames Vaughan , 3rd baronet , who bequeathed it to the third son of Spencer Bulkeley , 3rd baron Newborough , i.e. to the Hon. CHARLES WYNN (b. 22 April 1847 ; d. 14 Feb. 1911 ). C. H. Wynn was succeeded by his son, who ceased to live at Rûg c. 1951 , but continued at the old family home, Boduan (or Bodfean ), near Pwllheli, Caerns.

For the families who lived in Rûg up to the Vaughan and Wynn periods, particularly the Salusbury family (of Bachymbyd, Denbs. ) , see the article (by B. G. Owens ) in N.L.W. Jnl. , vi, 104-6, and the N.L.W. catalogues of that library which describe the Rûg and lord Bagot muniments. PIERS SALUSBURY came to own the lordship of Rûg , by right of his wife, early in the 16th cent. His son, ROBERT SALUSBURY , bought, in 1549 , the lordship of Glyndyfrdwy , part of the patrimony of Owain Glyndŵr ; see in N.L. W. Jnl. , iii, 48, a description of a document in the lord Bagot collection recording the transfer by Glyndŵr , in 1392 , of a tract of land.

As already noted, the old family home of this branch of the Wynn family is Boduan . Details concerning the branch are given in the usual books on the landed gentry, e.g. Burke , Nicholas , etc. For the pedigree see J. E. Griffith , Pedigrees , 59, 171 (note), 173. JOHN WYNN , of Bodvel (which is near Boduan ), who was high sheriff of Caernarvonshire in 1551 and 1560 , was standard-bearer for Edward VI in the fighting near Norwich against Ket and his co-rebels in 1594 ; he received Bardsey Island as a gift in honour of his bravery ( N.L.W. Jnl. , vi, 106). John Wynn 's wife was a member of the Puleston family . He was followed by his son THOMAS WYNN (d. 1673 ), Boduan . This Thomas Wynn 's grandson became Sir THOMAS WYNN (d. 1749 ), 1st baronet , and it was he who married FRANCES GLYN , heiress of Glynllifon ; their grandson was the Sir THOMAS WYNN (d. 1807 ) who was created ( 1776 ) 1st baron Newborough . For further details see an article (by E. D. Jones ) in N.L.W. Jnl. , vi, 176-81.


  • To the references already given add Rûg (Longueville) MS. 5 and the Glynllifon Muniments Catalogue — both in N.L.W.


Sir William Llewelyn Davies, M.A., LL.D., F.S.A. (1887-1952), Aberystwyth

Corrections and additions:

Wynn (FAMILY), Rug ( DWB , 1099-1100).

Par. 3, the Ket rebellion was in 1549 (not ‘ 1594 ’).


Published date: 1959