Dictionary of Welsh Biography

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JONES , EDWARD (d. 1586 ), conspirator ,

was the eldest son of Edward Jones of Plas Cadwgan, Denbs. , and of Cornhill , Londontailor to Mary Tudor and master of the wardrobe to Elizabeth I — who was the son of John ap David ap Robert , a descendant of Cynwrig ap Rhiwallon . Edward Jones the elder ( sheriff of his county in 1576 ), d. at Cadwgan in 1581 , leaving substantial legacies to North Wales relations and money for founding a grammar school at Wrexham — subject to conditions, however, which remained unfulfilled. He recommended his son and namesake to his patron , the earl of Leicester . In London the younger Edward Jones became the friend and admirer of Thomas Salusbury of Lleweni (q.v.) , Leicester 's ward, under whose influence he abjured Protestantism , turned with his friend against Leicester as Protestant champion and ‘oppressor’ of North Wales , and was initiated by Salusbury into Babington 's plot on behalf of Mary , queen of Scots . The two friends were denounced as having discussed, on 13 June 1586 , plans for a rising on her behalf in Denbighshire , and after Babington 's arrest on 14 Aug. they fled to Cheshire , where they were arrested and carried to London for trial (or Salusbury escaped alone and Jones was arrested in London ). Jones made avowal of his faith, and admitted having concealed his friend's treason and helped him to escape, but declared that he had tried to dissuade him from the plot and affirmed his complete loyalty to the queen . He was, nevertheless executed for treason on Tower Hill on 21 Sept. 1586 , and his estate (including Plas Cadwgan ) was forfeit.


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Emeritus Professor Arthur Herbert Dodd, M.A., (1891-1975), Bangor

Published date: 1959