Dictionary of Welsh Biography

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LLOYD , JOHN (d. 1679 ), Roman Catholic priest ,

entered the seminary at Valladolid in 1649 . He was ordained priest on 7 June 1653 , and sent to England on 17 April 1654 . Nothing definite is known of his life for nearly a quarter of a century after this, but it may be deduced from the informations laid against him that he visited the houses of Walter James of Tre-ivor, Mon. , and Howel Carne of Colwinston, Glam. , as well as the neighbourhood of Llandyfodwg, Glam. , During the Titus Oates Plot agitation he was arrested on 20 Nov. 1678 , at the house of Mr. Turberville of Pen-llîn, Glam. He was imprisoned in Cardiff gaol with Fr. Philip Evans , S.J. (q.v. in App.) , and with him was sentenced to death on 9 May 1679 , and executed on 22 July 1679 .


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John Martin Cleary, Cardiff

Published date: 1959