Dictionary of Welsh Biography

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RICHARD , JOHN ( fl. 1743-1784 ), Calvinistic Methodist exhorter, and hymn-writer ,

who lived at Llansamlet, Glam. He is referred to as an exhorter at the Llanddeusant Association of 1743 , and his progress can be traced for many years. When the split occurred between Howel Harris and Daniel Rowland , he allied himself with the former but, shortly afterwards, left him and joined the Rowland party. He is known to have been present at the Llangeitho Association in 1778 . The entry relating to his burial is to be found in the Llansamlet register, 26 Dec. 1784 . In 1747 he published two small books, Hymn Fuddjol ac Angenredjol and Hymnau Byddiol , etc.. both of which were printed at Carmarthen . The hymns, which at one time were attributed to John Richard of Bryniog Uchaf (q.v.) , are of no particular value. There are several of his letters among the Trevecka manuscripts .


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Reverend Gomer Morgan Roberts, M.A., (1904-93), Pont-rhyd-y-fen / St Dogmael's / Llandybïe

Published date: 1959