Dictionary of Welsh Biography

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GRIFFITH , GRACE WYNNE ( 1888 - 1963 ), novelist .

Born Feb. 1888 in Newborough , Anglesey , daughter of Captain W.G. Roberts . Elizabeth Ann Williams , author of Hanes Môn yn y bedwaredd ganrif ar bymtheg ( 1927 ) was her sister. She was educated in Caernarfon county school . In the early years of the 20th c. she was a nurse in Liverpool , and it was there that she met Griffith Wynne Griffith ; they were m. in 1914 . She d. 1 May 1963 .

She came into prominence in 1934 when she shared a prize for a novel with Kate Roberts in the national eisteddfod at Neath , and it was published in 1935 under the title Creigiau Milgwyn Kate Roberts ’ novel was Traed mewn cyffion . Creigiau Milgwyn was reviewed by T.J. Morgan who thoroughly criticised the novel and roundly condemned the adjudicator ( Dr. Tom Richards ) for awarding her the prize.


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Reverend Gomer Morgan Roberts, M.A., (1904-93), Pont-rhyd-y-fen / St Dogmael's / Llandybïe

Published date: 2001