Dictionary of Welsh Biography

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JONES , WALTER (?- 1819 ), Cefn Rug , Corwen, Mer. , commissioner under land enclosure acts .

He was estate agent for Sir Robert Williames Vaughan ( Wynn Family of Rug , DWB , 1099 ) which brought him into public notice in the county, e.g. as commissioner for the militia and trustee under the Barmouth Harbour Act (37 Geo, III. cap. 50) . From 1806 onwards he served, almost continuously, as commissioner under the aegis of parliamentary acts dealing successively with land enclosure in the counties of Anglesey , Caernarfon , Merioneth and Denbigh ; he was named in two other parliamentary acts but he declined to act. He d. 7 Apr. 1819 .


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  • Bulletin of the Board of Celtic Studies , iii, 210-38.


Emeritus Professor Arthur Herbert Dodd, M.A., (1891-1975), Bangor

Published date: 2001