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He was a physician to Elizabeth , widow of Edward IV , Margaret Countess Richmond and Henry Tudor . He did much to promote the marriage of Henry to Elizabeth daughter of Queen Elizabeth . The final reference to him is in the Treasury rolls 1493-94 . He compiled mathematical and astronomical tables relating to eclipses of the sun and the moon .


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Dr Llewelyn Gwyn Chambers, Bangor

Corrections and additions:

LEWIS of CAERLEON ( fl. 1491 ), mathematician, theologian, doctor of medicine, and teacher at Oxford .

He has often been confused with Lewis Charlton , bishop of Hereford (d. 1369 ). Bale , in his Scriptorum Illustrium Catalogus Cent. Sex , lists six books by him, namely, Super Magistrum Sententiarum , De Eclipsi Solis et Lunae , Tabulae Eclipsium Richardi Wallingfordi , Canones Eclipsium , Tabulae Umbrarum , and Fragmenta Astronomica . He is said to have been imprisoned for his devotion to the cause of the Lancastrians . He was certainly high in the favour of Henry VII , for the Calendar of Patent Rolls records a grant to him for life of forty marks out of the revenues of Wiltshire , 24 Feb. 1486 , and a further grant of twenty marks for life, 27 Nov. 1486 , at the receipt of the Exchequer, when he is called ‘ the king's servant , Lewis Caerlion , doctor of medicine .’ On 3 Aug. 1488 he received a grant for life to be one of the knights of the king's alms in the chapel or church of S. Mary the Virgin , S. George the Martyr , and S. Edward the Confessor at Windsor castle , a grant which was repeated in the same terms 14 Sept. 1491 . The King's Book of Payments of May 1510 records a reward of £100 in gold to Master Lewis , the princess of Castile's physician , but it is not certain whether this last-named Lewis is one and the same person as Lewis of Caerleon .


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Walter Thomas Morgan (1912-90), Aberystwyth

Published date: 2001