Dictionary of Welsh Biography

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ROBERTS , WILLIAM ( 1773 - 1857 ), minister (Presb.)

He hailed from the Clynnog Fawr area, Caerns. Having been with the Baptists for some time, he began preaching with the Calvinistic Methodists in 1804 and was ord. in 1819 . He was reckoned to be well-versed in the scriptures and sustained an effective teaching ministry. More than anyone he was instrumental in establishing ‘ Mr Charles 's Sunday schools’ ( DWB , 73-4) in the districts around Clynnog . In 1818 he published his handbook for teachers - Arweinydd i Athrawon — and in 1845 Traethawd ar yr Ordinhad o Fedydd , an essay on the sacrament of baptism. For some years he was blind ; he would open the Bible , but recite Scripture from memory. He d. at Hendre Bach , 14 Oct 1857 , aged 84.


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Reverend Richard Thomas, B.A. (1872-1950), Caernarfon

Published date: 2001