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VAUGHAN , RICE ( DWB , 1005).

As his will was proved in 1670 (P.C.C.), the date of death should be corrected to 1670 .


Corrections and additions:

VAUGHAN , RICE (d. 1672 or a little earlier), lawyer and author ;

second son (and, from 1654 , heir) of Henry Vaughan , Gelli-goch , Machynlleth , and his wife Mary , daughter of Maurice Wynn , Glyn , near Harlech . He went to Shrewsbury school in July 1615 , was admitted to Gray's Inn , 13 Aug. 1638 , and was called to the Bar on 20 June 1648 . In the meantime he had been assisting the Parliament side, e.g. in June 1644 he was appointed a member of the committee for Cardiganshire , Pembrokeshire , and Carmarthenshire . Having failed to get himself elected Member of Parliament for Merioneth , 1654 , he petitioned the Council of State , alleging irregularities on the part of the sheriff ( Maurice Lewis ); the member elected was John Vaughan , Cefnbodig (see summary account in W. R. Williams , Hist. of the Great Sessions in Wales , based on Cal. S.P. Dom. , 1654 .) The previous year ( 18 Aug. 1653 ) Vaughan had been appointed prothonotary for the counties of Denbigh and Montgomery in the court of Great Sessions in place of John Edisbury ; for details, see W. R. Williams , op. cit., and Cal. S.P. Dom. , 1653-4 . He served the commissioners for sequestrations (from March 1649 ) and did some business on behalf of the Council of State in 1656 . He appears to have been a prisoner in the Tower of London for some time from May 1665 and probably remained there for about two years.

Vaughan was the author of (at least) three works: ( a ) A Plea for the Common Laws of England ( London , 1651 ), a pamphlet dedicated to the House of Commons , replying to a book by Hugh Peters called A Good Work for a Good Magistrate ; ( b ) Practica Walliae: or the Proceedings in the Great Sessions of Wales: containing the Method and Practice of an Attorney there, from an Original to its Execution. Whereunto is added, The Old Statute of Wales at large; And an Abridgement of all the Statutes uniting Wales to England; with Tables of the Fees, and the Matters therein contained ( London , 1672 ); and ( c ) A Discourse of Coin and Coinage ( London , 1675 ). As ‘T.M.’, the editor of ( b ), refers to Rice Vaughan as the ‘late Author’ of ‘this Tract,’ it is evident that Vaughan d. in 1672 or a little earlier.


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Sir William Llewelyn Davies, M.A., LL.D., F.S.A. (1887-1952), Aberystwyth

Published date: 2001